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LL5-Portrait Lighting

I like this photo because the lighting looks so soft and it kind of matches his facial expression. Also I like the reflection in his eye. It gives you more realistic feeling. In terms of the composition, this photo stands … Continue reading

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LL7-Shutter Speed and Capturing

I like this photo because the contrast of the light is really dramatic.  The light from the windows in background gives nice contrast so everything looks shiny but models. Also I like the leading lines on the ceiling. It’s leading … Continue reading

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Light Painting

I think this is the best photo out of our shoots. I like model’s facial expression and the side light that nicely brightens his face as if the green light is lightening up his face. We only use left side … Continue reading

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LL4-Lighting Direction

I like this photo because of the background. Black background makes the detail of flowers sticks out, and side lighting makes a flower on the right blend in with background really well.

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Alex Webb Exhibit

Alex Webb’s exhibition – LA CALLE – was great experience to me. It was held at Aperture Foundation which is kind of spacious gallery in Chelsea. When I got into the gallery, it was really quiet and clean that I … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge Park

I like this photo because it has a strong leading line and perspective. Also I like how the background and a bridge are blight and the other elements are dark.

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Composition and Camera Angle: Deep Space

This is the photograph which I believe visually the strongest out of our shoots. The camera angle is “deep space” and I can clearly see the depth of the room, also it has some more elements that are visually interesting. First, … Continue reading

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Firefighter in the rubble of Ground Zero, Eugene Richards This photograph is called “Firefighters on the rubble of Ground Zero” taken by Eugene Richards who is a photographer in America. This is taken in Grand Zero after the 9.11 happened. The photographer captured the rubble of buildings that … Continue reading

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The Great Photograph

Great photographs express the feeling and emotion with not only figure images but with background too. And the photographs represents the things that people, events or sceneries have. For example if the person is humble, maybe that person is zoomed out and there … Continue reading

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