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Learning Outcomes.

  • Create grouped frequency distributions and probability distributions.

Topic. This lesson covers: Random Variables, Probability Distributions

WeBWorK. Set 4.1


Random Variables
Constructing a Probability Distribution

The Applied View

Watch the video random variables.

  1. For the tossing-four-coins experiment, X was defined to be the number of heads. What are the possible values for X?
  2. Given the probability distribution for X, what is the sum of the probabilities?
  3. Based on the probability histogram, what is the most likely number of heads to come up in a string of four coin tosses?
  4. What was the most likely cause of the Challenger disaster?
  5. What rule of probability was used to find p(0), the probability that none of the six independent field joints failed?

Exit Ticket

Suppose a pair of dice is rolled. Let X denote their sum. What are the possible values of of X? Assuming that each of the 36 possible outcomes is equally likely, what is the probability distribution of X? Let E={sum of two die}={2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}