Hi everyone! Read through the material below, watch the videos, work on the Excel lecture and follow up with your instructor if you have questions.


Learning Outcomes.

  • Collect, organize and graph raw data.
  • Compute statistical parameters (covariance, correlation coefficient).
  • Compute a regression equation and use it to make predictions.

Topic. This lesson covers: Least Squares Method and Regression

 Excel Lecture #5


Simple Linear Regression in Excel


The Applied View

Watch the video fitting lines to data.

  1. How is the snowpack during wintertime in the Colorado Mountains measured?
  2. What is a residual?
  3. How does the least-squares method decide which line best fits the points in a scatterplot?
  4. How can a particular year’s data on the snowpack be used to predict the amount of water running downstream in the spring?
  5. The video showed two examples of residual plots. What does a residual plot tell you if the dots in the plot appear to be randomly scattered? What if the dots appear to form a strong curved pattern instead?

Exit Ticket

Refer to your exit ticket example from Lecture #4. What is your regression equation? Use it to predict what your stock price might be 3 weeks from today. 3 weeks from today, refer back to your prediction. How accurate/inaccurate was your prediction? What variables might have effected the price? Here is an example.