Lesson 1: Introduction to Statistics and ExcelWhat is statistics?
Introduction to Excel
Lesson 2: Graphical Descriptive TechniquesDisplaying and Describing Data
Quantitative Data in Excel
Frequency Distribution in Excel
Stem and Leaf Plot in Excel
Lesson 3: Measures of Central Location and VariabilitySummarizing Quantitative Data and Interquartile Range
Mean and Median Basics
Measures of the Spread
Lesson 4: Covariance and Coefficients of CorrelationCorrelation and Correlation Coefficient in Excel
Lesson 5: Least Squares Method and RegressionSimple Linear Regression in Excel
Lesson 6: Assigning Probabilities to Events; Probability RulesBasic Probability, Definitions and Venn Diagrams
Properties of Probability, the Addition Rule
Lesson 7: Experiments Having Equally Likely OutcomesCounting Principles, Permutations and Combinations
Experiments with Equally Likely Outcomes
Lesson 8: Conditional Probability and IndependenceConditional Probability and Independence
Lesson 9: Relative Frequency Distribution and z-scoresRelative Frequency Distribution
Lesson 10: Random Variables, Probability DistributionsRandom Variables
Constructing Probability Distributions
Lesson 11: Expected Value and VarianceExpected Value
Expected Value and Variance of a Discrete Random Variable
Lesson 12: Binomial DistributionBinomial Probability Distribution
Creating a Binomial Probability Distribution in Excel
Lesson 13: Poisson DistributionPoisson Distribution
Lesson 14: Continuous Random VariablesDiscrete and Continuous Random Variables
Probability Density Function of a Continuous Random Variable
Uniform Probability Distribution
Lesson 15: Normal Random VariablesAn Introduction to the Normal Distribution
Lesson 16: Finding Normal ProbabilitiesUsing Excel to Find Normal Probabilities
Lesson 17: Sample MeanSampling Distribution of Sample Means
Lesson 18: Distribution of the Sample Mean
Lesson 19: Distribution of the Sample Variance of a Normal PopulationChi Square Distribution
Chi Square Distribution in Excel
Lesson 20: Estimating Population MeansConfidence Intervals for Population Means
Lesson 21: Hypothesis Testing with Known Standard DeviationHypothesis Testing and p-values
Lesson 22: Inference about a Population Mean with Unknown Standard DeviationHypothesis Testing with Sigma Unknown
Lesson 23: Chi-Squared Goodness of Fit TestIntroduction to the Chi-Square Distribution
Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test
Lesson 24: Chi-Squared Test for Independence Contingency TableChi-Squared Test for Independence with Contingency Table
Table of Video Resources