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John Maeda, ‚ÄúTime,‚ÄĚ p. 22-31.

In my opinion, in order to shrink time when a user interacts with an interface, you need to give the user some sort of shortcut to the interaction. I don’t mind a machine making choices for me, but I won’t make it to the point where machines are doing everything for me. If we dedicate our lives to machines doing everything for us, the world would turn out horrible in my opinion. Machines don’t have common sense and only do what they are programmed to do, which means that people have to make more machines to do other tasks which means a waste of more resources. A simple way for me to save time is to have someone else do the task for me. In more serious situations, I would always find shortcuts to mostly everything I do in life because of my lazy self. It seems the lazy man will always find a faster way to do something because of how lazy he is.


Blog Post 4 – Graphical Excellence (Late)

I¬†chooses¬†the image that’s a data map of America and it shows¬†the rate of cancer deaths regionally. What’s working about the image for me is that its a good map of the country what isn’t working is the colors and the overall clutter. It becomes really hard to read. Maybe the colors are on the fault that these images were scanned and printed with out color but I do think the map is still cluttered. I’m not sure if there’s info missing since I can’t even really examine the info present. There have been some designs where I pay attention to the aesthetics more than the info and it’s usually the pie charts with lots of variables and therefore lots of colors.

Blog Post 6 – Group Project Update

Group Name: Disco Ninjas

Group Members: Ahmad Woods, Phillip Zak, Micheal Perez

Project Name: Learning Pad “Epad”

We went a head with emulating the operating software of our learning pad through webpages. We went on to create a bare bones website so far just to see how our ideas would work in practice and to see what features we need to add.  We now need to work on beautifying it and add some small features such as a settings tab.

HW# 6: Group project update

Memebers: David Alvarado & Alexis Shuffler

             We have a running code now that is working of an Arduino UNO that is successfully sensing light. Our next step is to set in more LEDs to begin more precise readings. When I cover the LED with my hand, the LED acting as output shuts off to indicate a lack of light.

Testing with the TinkerKit

HW#4 Graphical Excellence

The Statistical Graph of stock prices located on pg. 15 is a great example of information over kill to the point of illegibility.  The way the graph is set up from left to bottom is correct.  The info on the right how ever creates confusion in determining which place and data the graph is personifying.  The place and radiation is already personified by the lines on the chart but what becomes confusing is the numbers on the right, then the places written on the side as the identifier.  What should have been written on the side by the numbers was radiation levels as an identifier.

Absolutely design wise McDonald’s golden arches always stuck out in my mind.¬† When i was a kid, when ever I saw those arches with red and gold, a sensation of hunger filled my very being.¬† If there were ever a disclaimer like there is today (fast food will make you fat, or the forced implementation of calorie count to be displayed) as a child it would have been ignored but as an adult and parent I’m forced to take into consideration the effects of fast food due to the law suits of recent times.

Blog Post 5 – Ahmad Woods

How can we shrink time when a user interacts with an interface? We can shrink the time a user interacts with an interface by making the entire experience seamless. That means cutting out loading and organizing everything so the user can find things they want easily

What do you think about letting a machine make choices for you? What is one way you‚Äôve figured out how to save time? I personally don’t like machines making¬†choice¬†for me because I don’t want them to figure out how to kill me. All jokes aside I have a big problem with google search putting you in a information bubble. To save time I usually anticipate things in advance and do them ahead of time.