John Maeda, “Time,” p. 22-31.

In my opinion, in order to shrink time when a user interacts with an interface, you need to give the user some sort of shortcut to the interaction. I don’t mind a machine making choices for me, but I won’t make it to the point where machines are doing everything for me. If we dedicate our lives to machines doing everything for us, the world would turn out horrible in my opinion. Machines don’t have common sense and only do what they are programmed to do, which means that people have to make more machines to do other tasks which means a waste of more resources. A simple way for me to save time is to have someone else do the task for me. In more serious situations, I would always find shortcuts to mostly everything I do in life because of my lazy self. It seems the lazy man will always find a faster way to do something because of how lazy he is.


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