Final Project film and report for Ian and Rosa

Big Bang (Rosa, Ian)
Virtual Civic Notifier
The Virtual Civic Notifier acts as a tool for connecting positive interaction between state and local government body’s. VCN promotes communication in attempts to build better relations with the public, and for the public to actively engage in their civic duties.
also be most up to date with any new information.

The reason for having this website is so that there will one central system where everyone can find the most up to date information and also more involved with the government. As we all know, there seem to be so much of miss communication between departments within the government and some don’t even communicate with each other. For a person trying to find out information regarding themselves is like trying to find a needle in the hay stack. An example of the miss communication would be the Social Security Office. They have a website that is supposed to be making everyone’s life easier by going online to see how much in benefit they will receive at retirement age. The website is always down and when it is up you can’t ever log in. When you actually go to the social security office to find out what is going on, they send you to their main office to check with their online desk. This whole running around just wastes people time and not to mention the people in the office don’t seem like they want to work even though they get paid for it.
Another reason for our notifier would be initial contact from the government to fulfill your civic duties, they will get a letter informing them to log on to the website and fill out the questionnaire. A new requirement in the questionnaire will be the addition personal email address. This is important because now it alleviate previous problems with tracking a person’s current address with their name. With the new system, your identity by your email address instead of your address. With the old system, often times, when a person moves they don’t report the move. So the census application was sent to their previous address instead of the current. With the new system, your email address will always stay the same unless you change it, or if you don’t response to the email and/or submit your online application, you will be mailed a paper copy of the questionnaire and failure notice of compliance. Once census is complete, you would get email confirmation and access to whatever is allowed for public view in regards to that year’s census. Another advantage to the email questionnaire will be, not only the ability to update your information but to also apply for selected service, employee to census, where you are able to submit your temporary employment application. The site can also be used as a sewage to view other links to where public information is accessible. The site is another way to be notified for jury selection. You can register to vote.
There is so much more that Virtual Civic Notifier can do once it becomes a central system. We can have access to all public records, pay tickets, etc. With a special log in we can find answers to questions we have regarding our own personal information. This will benefit both sides. It can help save time and money.
To make this Virtual Civic Notifier, we will need a big enough web space to hold everyone information and a team of programmers to be back just in case if there are any technical problems.

In order to improve on the notifier, we will first start off with something simple information from each department and each person’s personal file and put it together. Then we will ask each user opinion to see what they would like to be improved and move forward from there. We expect to have a very good outcome with this because it will improve the speed of communication for everyone.

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