MTEC2120: Interaction Design

Fall 2012, Wednesdays from 2:00-5:40pm

Instructor: Amelia Marzec,

Office hours are by appointment.



This course is an introduction to Interaction Design, encompassing the physical process of designing for interaction and enabling students to think and speak critically about design problems. Students will work both individually and in teams, creating design deliverables with a social conscience. Process blogs will incorporate reflection on readings alongside of project documentation. They will develop a foundation in interaction design that will be applicable to a multidisciplinary field. The course is 3 credits and consists of a lecture and lab.



Your effort, creativity, and understanding of the material will be taken into account, in addition to timely completion of all assignments, participation, and attendance. All homework is due at the beginning of each class (2pm). Assignments that are not ready at the beginning of class will be marked as late. If you will be unable to hand in your work, please notify the instructor PRIOR to the due date.

Grades will be based upon:

10% Quiz

15% Blogs

15% Participation

30% Lab assignments

30% Final presentation



If a student misses a class, it’s their responsibility to make up the work. More than 3 absences will result in an “F” (Failure). TWO LATE ARRIVALS = ONE ABSENCE.



USB Flash Card.

Digital Camera

Paper and pens

Readings will be supplied by the instructor.





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