Alexis and David: Light sensor survey

We had taken answers from two of our classmates : Justin, Ahmad and the CLT Wilmer.

Here’s the questions:

1. Does it work?

2. Is the function clear ad understandable?

3. How would you use this device?

4.Is it helpful?

5. Would this be helpful when using solar power?

6. Is it easy to use?

7. Where would you use this?

8. What didn’t you like about it?

9. What would you add to it?

10. Who would you recommend this device to?


Some of their answers can be applied to more than one question so I’ll be listing it that way.

Justin said:

1. Yes

2. Confused at first but more understandable after playing with it

3. Use it as a nightlight. With the battery installed, would use it for charging devices

4&5. 8/10

6. 10/10 super easy

7. In a garden, near a window

8. Nothing

9. More bulbs for output

10. Scientists, gardeners, and neighbors


Wilmer said:

1. Yes

2. Yes

3. portable charger

4&5. 7/10

6. Yes

7. Next to a window

8. No problems

9. Battery light indicator for when external backup is charged, waterproof, indestructable

10. Everybody


Ahmad said:

1. Yes

2. Obviously, labels needed

3. Gardening, positioning solar panels, a way to tell if his light bulbs at home are close to dying

4&5. Helpful in its own scale, moderately helpful

6&7. Very easy

8. did not like the LEDs as indicators

9. Would prefer a screen with a progress bar instead

10. Eco-people, Hobbyists. When battery is installed: Everyone.


We also have some video:


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