HW#4 Graphical Excellence

The Statistical Graph of stock prices located on pg. 15 is a great example of information over kill to the point of illegibility.  The way the graph is set up from left to bottom is correct.  The info on the right how ever creates confusion in determining which place and data the graph is personifying.  The place and radiation is already personified by the lines on the chart but what becomes confusing is the numbers on the right, then the places written on the side as the identifier.  What should have been written on the side by the numbers was radiation levels as an identifier.

Absolutely design wise McDonald’s golden arches always stuck out in my mind.  When i was a kid, when ever I saw those arches with red and gold, a sensation of hunger filled my very being.  If there were ever a disclaimer like there is today (fast food will make you fat, or the forced implementation of calorie count to be displayed) as a child it would have been ignored but as an adult and parent I’m forced to take into consideration the effects of fast food due to the law suits of recent times.

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