Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Author: Denver Samaroo

How to design an enduring logo: Lessons from IBM and Paul Rand

the article on paul rand was quite interesting on the secrets behind IBMs famous logo that has helped the company be what it is today. the amount of detail and effort paul has invested into developing and rebranding the identity of IBM has had massive positive effects and the amount of work he has put in for about 10 years is immense tinkering with one logo for  10 years has definitely shown in its longevity. one of the most interesting things about paul rand to me is the fact of only coming up with one design and proving its the best solution to the client and why it would work by developing an entire book or deck to support his claims and really hit home to the client which I think is really brilliant in the design of using his status and experience to his advantage. and I someday hope I have the skill and knowledge as well as experience to do something as bold as that. another big takeaway from paul rand is his sheer playfulness when it came to designing and I totally agree design should be fun and entertaining to the extent in which some of my best work can happen when its fun and enjoyable wheres no longer work and more play. in which it is really shown in his work.

Paula Scher: Do What You’ve Never Done Before

In the video Paula Scher talks about many things including taking risks such as ignoring the briefs and also taking a leap of faith and doing things you’ve never done before and I feel like these two points are incredibly valuable in which briefs can sometimes be confusing and misleading but still give you enough information to go off from and often time I do find my self straying from the brief because of its somewhat confining details. furthermore on the point of doing things I’ve never done before I feel as that is driving motivation in design pushing you to thing and grow outside the box and push your self what you didn’t think you were capable of within design and you really never know what will happen till you try like, Scher’s idea for the schools mural how it was a leap of faith and an amazing experience and point for her in her design career.


The Paula Scher video was really interesting and inspiring for me as an aspiring designer hearing a well know designer’s experiences and tips are really helpful. a large takeaway from the video is Paula’s approach to her designs as in she goes by intuition and what comes to her mind or either has it in three takes or she doesn’t have it at all and to me, I feel something similar to that like my ideas like hers are usually random and explosive sometimes and just come out and hearing a fellow designer express similar traits are really inspiring of being on the right track or having the feeling of getting really excited or pumped for a project and that’s what drives her forward as well as I want something as such to keep pushing me forward and to drive me as well in my career.

Response to the art of Logo Deisgn

Upon watching the video The art of logo design I was intrigued by how they presented what a logo was and how it originated with the use of pictures or symbols in ancient times to give meaning or representation of a particular person. one major point that stood out to me in the video was when the designer talked about how she made the off-book design and made around 40 different concepts and used techniques of following the paper in different ways and printing it out to tangible by moving and editing the paper to see new ways of fleshing out the concept this are something you don’t often see behind the logo and I found it quite compelling in a creating a logo and changed my perspective on new ways of designing or creating ideas for a logo instead of strictly sticking to digital conceptualization and designing.