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Category: WEEK 1: The Art of Logo Design Video

Comments on the video

The Art of Logo Design

When watching the video “The Art of Logo Design”, I realized that a logo must be coherent, simple, elegant and must represent the company, what they do and who they are.

I realized that for a logo to be successful, it must be practical for the target audience and, of course, appropriate. It should also be simple and work well in any situation and place.

“The Art of Logo Design”

“The Art of Logo Design” Each logo expresses a particular feeling and meaning that bring to people. as time changes, the logo changes too. It feels great to see how each logo changes and the meanings behind it. I love the phrase” its an identifier but its also something that stands in for who you are”

Response to – The Art of Logo Design

After watching The Art of Logo Design I found it interesting that the approach of designers has remained consistent and how logos were created for people who were unable to read. It’s so simple it makes sense. This was a way for people to identity themself (merchants and their specific trade).
As designers we want to be the extension and expression of the client. You want to evoke the appropriate reactions which shows the importance of what you are representing.
In the section by Chermayeff and Geismar they mention how important it is to be simple, appropriate and memorable. A simple and small change like the red O in Mobil can make it timeless. In the following section Design Process by Kelli Anderson she expressed the importance of iterations. I now see why It’s important to just get an idea on paper and start somewhere.


When watching the video “The Art of Logo Design”, it made me realize for a logo to be successful, it should be memorable to the audiences and of course appropriate. Some things I agree with the video is a logo should be simple, works well in any situation, and represents the company, what they do and who they are.

The art of logo design

What I enjoyed around “the Art of Logo Design” was how it reminded me around processing and planning for the design of a logo. When designing a logo it continuously comedown to sketches on sketchbooks before digitalizing them. We all begin from scratch some place.

The Art of Logo Design

What I agree with most in the video “The Art of Logo Design” is that a Logo has to be simple and memorable. When you’re trying to promote a product or service, it’s important that the everyday person and, more importantly, your target audience knows who you are versus any other company doing the same thing you are.  This can be just using the name of your company as your logo, creating a recognizable icon, or doing both.


Art of Logo design response

 The commentary about how the logo should be simple as well as appropriate for the client because it is an extension of who you are as a business. Logos shouldn’t have too many things going on either because they’d look bad when minimized. I agree with this because whatever your company is, you want your image to be recognizable and somewhat professional. I find this video to be definitely helpful and gives me input and advice when I’m designing logos for friends and future clients.

“The Art of Logo Design” – Response

“The Art of Logo Design”, including many successful designers, explained the conceptual design process. Some points I found especially interesting in the short video is the explanation of logo origins. Steven Heller describes how ancient civilizations would depict what a certain merchant specialized in or the expression of an individual with visual symbols. This comes back to the central idea that “ a logo is an extension of WHO you are and WHAT you do.” During this semester I will try my best to achieve that for the company I choose using visual language and detailed research. 


To make a successful logo it must be simple, timeless, and able to give a company or institution a personality. A question I ask myself is how far can a symbol go? At what point does “simplistic” turn to “abstract”? It will be interesting to see how the application of logos change as culture and common ideas progress.

Response to the art of Logo Deisgn

Upon watching the video The art of logo design I was intrigued by how they presented what a logo was and how it originated with the use of pictures or symbols in ancient times to give meaning or representation of a particular person. one major point that stood out to me in the video was when the designer talked about how she made the off-book design and made around 40 different concepts and used techniques of following the paper in different ways and printing it out to tangible by moving and editing the paper to see new ways of fleshing out the concept this are something you don’t often see behind the logo and I found it quite compelling in a creating a logo and changed my perspective on new ways of designing or creating ideas for a logo instead of strictly sticking to digital conceptualization and designing.

The Art of Logo Design

The video “The Art of Logo Design”, talks about logos and how their main focus is to be able to express who the company is and what they do. It is meant to be simple, but at the same time capture the viewer’s attention. The simplicity of logos is meant to be able to look the same throughout different platforms such as digitally and in print. What I found interesting was the reference made to hieroglyphics. I had not thought about the relationship they had with logos, but now that I think about it, they do correlate with each other. Hieroglyphics were symbols drawn to represent a story, and logos are meant to represent a company. Something else that caught my attention was the comment that referred to logos as math. If you add “square + blue, what will you get?” You truly won’t know until you try it. I believe logos are trial and error for the most part, because until you don’t try it out and see it on paper or on a screen, you really won’t know if it will work as a logo.

Art of logo design response

A point that I disagreed with in the video is that logos should be timeless I feel that a logo should be able to send the message it wants regardless if it’s timeless or not. As time moves forward there will always be new markets to pursue and corporations shouldn’t be afraid to change with the times. Being timeless is safe but it leaves companies at risk of being left behind by whatever is new and hip in every generation.

“The Art of Logo Design”

The video of “The Art of Logo Design”  explains how  pictorial symbols known as  Pictographs were used as the earliest form of writing. Pictographs was used to identify who a merchant was, pictographs was what is known as logos today. When you think about it graphic design has always been around even if it was a simple line on a rock. The video  explains that a logo is supposed to tell you who  the company is  and what is all about its supposed to be a mask of the company, it is something you will always see first before you see what’s under the mask like what the company is all about, down to its CEO. People should  be able to identify what the  company does based on the logo, visual is everything. Logos  are not  the brand but rather a part of its identity, there supposed to adapt to current styles whether it victorian,contemporary or modern.A good logo can both be simple and memorable that it can transpire through time in any color, it should be timeless. In order for a logo to get to a level that both the client and consumers can visually  understand the designer has to look at other logos and its typeface and play around with it; take both  the clients idea  and yours  combine them  and start to have fun with it by messing around with the shapes , color , angles and transparency. At the end of the day just have fun when you’re designing.


The Art of Logo Design

What I found the most interesting in the video, “The Art of Logo Design” was that logos actually go way back before graphic design was a thing.  People like Aristocracy or people of Ancient Rome used to display images on shields, to send a message. This image can be classified as a logo. As the video says, a logo can be, “a single image of something that was used as an expression of the individual. And represented a thought, an idea, or even a product perhaps”.