Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020


The Paula Scher video was really interesting and inspiring for me as an aspiring designer hearing a well know designer’s experiences and tips are really helpful. a large takeaway from the video is Paula’s approach to her designs as in she goes by intuition and what comes to her mind or either has it in three takes or she doesn’t have it at all and to me, I feel something similar to that like my ideas like hers are usually random and explosive sometimes and just come out and hearing a fellow designer express similar traits are really inspiring of being on the right track or having the feeling of getting really excited or pumped for a project and that’s what drives her forward as well as I want something as such to keep pushing me forward and to drive me as well in my career.

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  1. Matthew Rivera

    I do agree and yeah i go on instinct when it comes to concepts and idea nad I draw whatever comes to mind and I try my best to refine it although i wish i can get it in one or two tries

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