Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Response to the art of Logo Deisgn

Upon watching the video The art of logo design I was intrigued by how they presented what a logo was and how it originated with the use of pictures or symbols in ancient times to give meaning or representation of a particular person. one major point that stood out to me in the video was when the designer talked about how she made the off-book design and made around 40 different concepts and used techniques of following the paper in different ways and printing it out to tangible by moving and editing the paper to see new ways of fleshing out the concept this are something you don’t often see behind the logo and I found it quite compelling in a creating a logo and changed my perspective on new ways of designing or creating ideas for a logo instead of strictly sticking to digital conceptualization and designing.

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  1. Virginia Sanchez

    I agree the Offbook segment was interesting because she went the extra mile creating and playing with something physically. Just shows how many ways you can develop a design.

  2. Anna C.

    After watching The Art of Logo Design I found it interesting that the approach of designers has remained consistent and how logos were created for people who were unable to read. It’s so simple it makes sense. This was a way for people to identity themself (merchants and their specific trade).
    As designers we want to be the extension and expression of the client. You want to evoke the appropriate reactions which shows the importance of what you are representing.
    In the section by Chermayeff and Geismar they mention how important it is to be simple, appropriate and memorable. A simple and small change like the red O in Mobil can make it timeless.
    In the section Design Process by Kelli Anderson she expressed the importance of iterations. I now see why It’s important to just get an idea on paper and start somewhere.

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