The video “The Art of Logo Design”, talks about logos and how their main focus is to be able to express who the company is and what they do. It is meant to be simple, but at the same time capture the viewer’s attention. The simplicity of logos is meant to be able to look the same throughout different platforms such as digitally and in print. What I found interesting was the reference made to hieroglyphics. I had not thought about the relationship they had with logos, but now that I think about it, they do correlate with each other. Hieroglyphics were symbols drawn to represent a story, and logos are meant to represent a company. Something else that caught my attention was the comment that referred to logos as math. If you add “square + blue, what will you get?” You truly won’t know until you try it. I believe logos are trial and error for the most part, because until you don’t try it out and see it on paper or on a screen, you really won’t know if it will work as a logo.

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