Final Presentations

Wed. May 17

  1. WeiLi-Benefits of Urban Farming.pptx
  2. UrbanAgriculture(joshua)
  3. Michael Aguaysa Econ proj
  4. John De Jesus-Rainwater harvesting
  5. Calvin Ly – China’s industrialization and its effects
  6. electric_cars

Wed. May 24

  1. Brooklyn Needs More Green Space
  2. China’s Pollution, York Li
  3. David Malagon_Importance of Oyster and Oyster reef Restoration
  4. KennyEconPresentation
  5. mohammedgoni
  6. Osvaldo & Anelsy solar energy
  7. Selff sustaining greenhouse
  8. Tariq Hemraj – Solar Power
  9. Oyster Reefs Luis
  10. Sandra Torres-Effects of a Food Desert

Copy of presentation schedule and guidelines for organizing your presentation are posted here (these were also distributed in class).

Presentation Schedule_Tuesday

Guidelines for Presentations




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