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The interview process for field visits

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Where is the Brooklyn Navy Yard

2. Use the link below to sign up for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Sustainable Architecture and Industries Tour on Tues. March 8 Be sure to select the correct date, Wed March 8.

3. Extra Credit Assignment on Sustainable Ind and Arch tour_Tue

4. The due dates for the preliminary annotated bibliography, final annotated bibliography and final one-page summary will be posted here. Attachments here describing these assignments will be the same as those that are distributed in class.

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  1. Sandra M. Torres

    New York City College of Technology
    Social Science Department
    Environmental Economics – ECON 2505
    Prof. S. MacDonald
    Spring 2016

    Extra Credit Assignment on Sustainable Industries and Architecture Tour: Brooklyn Navy Yard
    By Sandra M. Torres
    Every morning heading to the college I drive passed the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I knew it was an actual Naval Yard of the United States Navy and that many businesses had been through its gates. I wondered what lay beyond the intimidating and uninviting walls. BLDG 92 has the only unguarded entrance which made me wonder what went on inside. I thought the public was not allowed there.
    The tour was actually very exciting and relieving at the same time. The world around us seems to focus on material possessions and a fake presentation of status. People are disconnected from the natural world, making selfish decisions without regard to its long term effects on the environment. The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a leader in making conscientious strides in improving the lives of the community it is in and making responsible sustainable choices to benefit our environment.
    I was impressed by the effort to bring well paying jobs to the community. I learned that oysters were the filters of New York City’s waterways. (The oysters are a self sustaining solution that requires no machinery to be installed or maintained and a workforce that is never late and works around the clock.) There are too many initiatives to mention but all the initiatives have one primary agenda; to be better stewards of our communities and our environment.
    I actually was excited when the tour guide stated a supermarket was going to be constructed in the Brooklyn Navy Yard because the area is a food desert. I noticed that as soon as I started attending City Tech. I agree a supermarket is great for the community. The residents will have better healthful choices for food and at more reasonable prices then the “gourmet” deli by the Farragut Housing complex. All the luxury condominiums in the Dumbo area have caused the prices of food and services to skyrocket.
    The area surrounding the Brooklyn Navy Yard was primarily industrial and commercial but now more warehouse spaces are replaced with more expensive town houses and condominiums. Even though there are more residential spaces, there doesn’t seem to be any additional sources of food nearby. The expensive residential homes are bringing in people with affluence which drives prices further upward, making it harder for people with low to moderate incomes to sustain themselves and their families.
    I am sure the community will also welcome the supermarket for the jobs it will bring. It will be an oasis in the middle of a large food desert.


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