Urban sustainability

1. Describe what the urban sustainability index proposes to do.
The urban sustainability index proposes to measure the performance of the cities using five categories. These five categories are how well they meet the need of the people, the efficiency with resources, the cleanliness of the environment, built environment , and last but not least the commitment to the sustainability in and for the future.

  1. 2. Describe three components of this index and comment on your views if you agree or disagree if it is achievable .
    One of the components of this index is basic needs. This entails the access of safe fresh water , sufficient amount of living space, adequate health care, and an education are fundamental needs for the urban population. These are all accessible to the people one way or another. They are basic needs of any lifestyle. In addition, resources efficiency is important. The city’s efficiency of water and energy and the effective recycling of the waste has to be cohesive with the quality of life of the people. This is important, because you must make the best and the most of all the resources you have and use by maximizing them. Lastly, another component of the index is environmental cleanliness. With environmental cleanliness it is about limiting the harmful pollutants to the city . This is extremely important because pollution affects the environment . It affects global warming and climate change. By limiting this you can protect the health of the environment and ecosystem , which can help limit extinctions. I believe all of these steps are possible by small changes.

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