Source Entry 3 — Student Omar

Source Entry #3

Part 1 MLA Citation

“Face Mask Fears: Some Black Men Say Wearing  A Makes Them Profiling Targets… –” Good Morning America , Good Morning America,

Part 2 Summary

In the Good Morning America news video clip “Face Mask Fear: Some Black Men Say Wearing A Mask Makes Them Profiling Targets”national correspondent Jericka Duncan reported that many black men fear they’ll be labeled a threat if they wear a mask to protect  themselves. Duncan interviewed black men that told their stories of getting racially profiled, or feeling uncomfortable in a situation with a face covering. There was a doctor from Florida who he had a facemask on while putting garbage in a van. When the cop stopped his car and walked over to the doctor and placed him in handcuffs, he was released at the scene shortly after. The doctor described he felt racially profiled because he wasn’t doing anything but putting garbage in his van. Duncan also interviews the two black men that were escorted out of the Walmart for having a facemask on. The young men were surprised that the cops approached them and told them to either take off their mask or leave. Duncan also brought a professor from American University. Ibram X Kendi states “Blacks people’s perceptions of fear is  based on the number of times we ourselves have been racially profiled”. The fear of wearing a mask in public is shared by a lot of black people.

Part 3 A Reflection

The reason I selected this video is because it gets a black person’s perspective on racial profiling, and how they handled it.  I myself have been racially profiled. The cops tell you that you fit a description of  crime just to  search you. The best thing to do is comply so it doesn’t escalate. When you don’t it gives the cops that are trigger happy a reason to pull their gun, which in most situations leads to people death. I’ve learned that a mask is very uncomfortable for many blacks, because of racial profiling.

Part 3B Rhetorical/ Genre Analysis:

Duncan’s audience is to people of every race. Duncan’s purpose is to bring African Americans’ fear of wearing a mask to the public. Her use of interviews very effective.  In her interviews, she is clear nd she gets straight to the point. In the beginning of the video Duncan interviewed and had video on separate occasions where black men were harassed for wearing their mask:  one with the doctor, another with the two young men kicked out of Walmart, and the last interview with the professor.  This was effective because these were interviews with black men speaking from different perspectives.  The reason the video is effective is it gives a voice to the many black men who have been racially profiled with a mask on.  Duncan also gave the perspective of a white mother who has a mixed kid.  This mother speaks on the fears for her son, even with the light skin and curly hair he gets harassed by the cops.

PART 4 Notable Quotables

“All black men pretty much felt under attack when it comes to the police and even in their community” (1:13)

“It’s about the work we have to do to make sure it’s safe for black to live in this world” (4:00)

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