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My research question is: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way people shop? This topic interests me because it’s interesting to know how during a life changing event, people were forced to adapt and change their normal shopping routine. As someone who had no choice but to start shopping online during quarantine, I want to learn how others were affected. I want to know if many people had to change to online shopping as well or if they continued shopping in person. I already know that during the months we were quarantined, people started buying and spending more than ever. The pandemic caused people to start shopping online and affected the way business catered to consumers. I also know that because online shopping increased, access to the products these companies put out has gotten easier. Some points I plan to explore and find out more about are how consumerism changed and how it affected not only the physical state of shopping, but also the mental and emotional state for consumers.



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  1. I like your topic because we all are consumers and I like shopping online. Online Shopping is getting things you want in just one click, without having to go out and tiring yourself. Ever since the pandemic happened I have never stepped into any clothing store but still I was shopping lot. However, when it comes to my wallet like you mentioned, it has definitely affected in bad way.

  2. Need to focus, narraow down, refine this RQ. What aspect of consumerism? It’s too big. What subtopic of consumerism? Shopping? What kind of shoppping? Clothing? Grocery shopping?

    To say “wallets and spending habits” is too general. What aspect of spending money do you mean — shopping? What kind of shopping? BE SPECIFIC.

  3. Jacqueline: In the RAB proposal Paragraph Template, I guide students to explain their own personal reasons they want to study this topic. Remember the proposal is written before you do the research. NOw I know that you have already done research on this topic for another class, but you should not be writing things into the proposal that have come out of that research.

    Look at my proposal. I give reasons I am PERSONALLY interested in Anti -Asian Violence and show my own experience with prejudice. Remember it’s a proposal so it does not reflect research (not yet done), but the proposal can explain why you are interested and your own connection to shopping habits in quarantine.

    This is the only sentence that is personal As someone who started shopping online during quarantine,
    SO CAN YOU EXPLAIN MORE On this and USE THE RAB PARAGRAPH TEMPLATE I PROVIDED. What did you personally notice about your own shopping when the pandemic happened? How did you shopping habits change. Did you no longer visit stores in person? Did you do ALL your shopping online …that is the kind of things I wnat to see in your proposla. USE THE PARAGRAPH TEMPLATE!

    Jacqueline: I am a bit worried that you may simply use the same research as for your other class for this RAB project in our English Class. Remember this project is not a duplicate of your other project. I am asking for NYT layperson general information to form the basis of the research. I am not asking you to do a hard economics research paper. This is not an Economics/business class! Use the NYT and find easy to understand sources. I am not asking for a statistical research project for a busienss class.

    How has the pandemic changed the way people shop? I am interested because I was never a big on-line shopper. In fact, I much prefer to step into a shop and browse around. I want to try on what I want to buy. Clicking on a keyboard just does not feel like shopping. However, since the pandemic started, I have done more online-shopping than I ever had before the pandemic. Since people did not go into stores, my family started to do all our shopping online. I notice that online-shopping has sky-rocketed. Amazon must have earned millions during the pandemic. . . . I AM EXPECTING YOU TO WRITE SOMETHING MORE LIKE THIS for the proposal. Something that explains your personal connection to your RQ.

    I think it would so interesting to find out how people’s shopping habits changed in the pandemic.

    I hope that makes sense.

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