Reading response to Malcolm x β€” amy ramnarine

β€œYou know what my life had been. Picking a lock to rob someones house was the only way my knees had ever been bent before.””i had to force myself to bend my knees. And waves of shame and embarrassment would force me back up.” page 1 6 paragraph

Malcolm x had a past of evil. the person he once was he had to unlearn how to be. He was with in battles between himself and his religion. He didn’t know where to where to start or bend his knees and ask for forgiveness. After all the knowledge he had learn from reading and his letters he finally learned to unlearn his patterns of hustling and crime and take in his learnings from muhammad.

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  1. How would you explain his words: “waves of shame and embarrassment would force me back up”? Think more closely. focus more closely on those words: shame, embarassment, and force me back up.

    HOw did he feel about his past life? Why does he feel that he can’t really pray?

    STICK CLOSELY TO Malcolm X’s words to come up with your explanation.

    Where is your second quote?
    Are you reading my HW instructions CAREFULL? Are you?

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