Intro HW-Amy Ramnarine

Hello, my name is Amy Ramnarine. I’m 18 years old. I’ve lived here in New York, Queens. Both my mother and father are from Guyana. But I was born and raised in New York. Although growing up I lived with my grandma and she taught me Hindi so I’m bilingual. I’m Hindu BTW.

This is my first year at city tech. I’m currently an undecided major but want to switch over to forensics. Growing up I always was into criminal injustice and law. I would love binge-watching criminal court cases. And being in school I would always really love math science and English classes so that’s kinda why I picked this major. But there’s more to me than just that I’m really into diverse fashion or fashion in general, art, anime and writing. so there’s kinda a lot to unpack. It was great meeting all of you today and look forward to this class and what it can teach me.

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  1. Amy — do you know that John Jay college, another CUNY college, specialized in criminal justice studies?
    You should definitely research that college. You can always transfer over if they have your major!

  2. Hi, I was born and raised in India and I am very proficient in Hindi, I can write too. Though I attended a Tibetan school, but Hindi was a mandatory subject for first couple of years. I can speak a little bit of few South Indian languages but can’t read or write it. Tamil is my favorite language among them.

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