Mentor Text Analysis of Op-ed— Ludovic

In the text “I Make Video Games. I Won’t Let My Daughters Play Them.” by William Sui. 

The author hooks his audience by informing them that states and Chinese legislators are prohibiting and limiting minor’s gaming time. Due to the negative impact it has on young children’s mental and intellectual development. Furthermore, the author explains himself as a father as well as his occupation in the video game business. The article includes research based on the author’s understanding of how gaming firms employ psychological approaches to influence their consumer base. Considering the author was the CEO of a large gaming firm, his knowledge is trustworthy. William Sui cited reliable organizations and conducted experiments on young children for specific outcomes. The text incorporates story telling by addressing the damaging issue of the gaming business on kids’ academic and social lives. The author discussed how gaming businesses use psychological techniques to keep consumers coming back for more. He expresses his grief toward the techniques he employed and as the father of two daughters. However, William Sui sees certain games as having a good impact on children’s academic habits. Based on this information, he offers his thoughts on how parents might govern how their children interact in the gaming world and their playing timing. I believe the creator’s message is that mobile gaming is inevitably designed for gamers to be engaged as much as possible on their platforms.However, the sort of games that young children play can have a harmful or good impact on their mental and academic development. Parents are able to help manage the games their kids are playing and the duration. Parents are the major target audience. I believe his primary target is parents since, as a parent, he expresses serious worry about the harmful practices in the gaming business. In addition, he advises parents on how to regulate their children’s gaming time. 

In the author’s text I will emulate his verdict towards the issue. The author gives his idea on how parents should manage their children’s gaming time. I would like to also give my opinion on how American citizens should be prepared for the next country crisis as a time of opportunities. What I will avoid is how the author addresses himself in the text. Within the text, the author uses his credibility as the story telling and research. Since I don’t have enough knowledge of the situation during covid , I will use quotes from outside sources as my research. 

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