Outline (Podcast Video) — Balthazar

Title: China’s game of spying

MY RQ:  How is China conducting Espionage inside the U.S? 

MY Genre: Podcast/Video 

I.  Introduction 

  • A. HOOK: Open with a QUESTION 
  • B. HISTORY acts of espionage within the U.S conducted by China — SHOWING RESEARCH 
  • Important Topics 
  1. “Made in Bejing 2025” 
  1. Criticism of China “Road map for theft” 
  1. Spies caught and prosecuted 
  1. Use of statistics and facts as evidence (Research) 


  • A. What I see 
  • B. What I hear 
  1. Spy Ballons/TikTok 
  1. Taiwan 

III. ADVICE/INFORM Call to action/ why it matters/ what can we do? 

  • A. What can the U.S do about economic espionage 
  • B. Mentor quote from ex-CIA Officer 

IV Should we be worried – A DANGEROUS truth 

  • A. What is China doing with our technology/information  
  • B. China is perpetuating their goal of global market domination/ increase their authoritarian rule 

V. CLOSURE/CONCLUSION: My message is to inform people on various acts of spying and economic espionage China conducts on a regular basis. I will end by stressing the importance of having our personal/propriety information secure from the prying eyes of other nation states as this information and technology can and will be used to strengthen their global and authoritarian hold. 

2 thoughts on “Outline (Podcast Video) — Balthazar”

  1. Very good outline. Lots of specfics showing that you are using your RAB research.


    Ideas on music or visuals? does a video podcast have music? Audio clips or is that just for normal non-visual podcasts…So since this is a video podcast — what about visuals — will you incorporate visuals? what will they be?

    Remember I did ask you to do another Mentor Text analysis of a podcast, so that might help you.

    what type of podcast will this be:

    Expert Interview
    Roundtable Panel Discussion…..?

    Please look at the helpful HOW-TOs that are in the option to create a podcast in the Unit 3 assignment

  2. Balthazar:

    Please do your mentor text analysis for HW 4 on the podcast you were showing me and please give the link, so I can examine it myself.

    Big THx for showing me new things!

    Prof. Wu

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