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Unit 2 The RAB Assignment



RAB Step 1 Proposal-Paragraph-INSTRUCTIONS (1)

RAB Step 2 Source Entry 1 INSTRUCTIONS (Citation and Summary)

RAB Step 3 Source Entry INSTRUCTIONS How To Parts 3&4 Reflection RhetAnalysis

RAB Final Step INSTRUCTIONS Conclusion Paragraph for Entire RAB Document


RAB Grading Criteria

RAB: A TipSheet for Critical Reading and Writing

RAB example +desciption+ instructions 

Slideshow from RAB Workshop with Prof. Blain

RAB Slideshow

JBlain Presentation Reflective Annotated Bibliography

Powerpoint on How to Research from our class with Prof. Berger

Prof. Berger Research PPt Presentation

Videos from our Library Research Class today with Prof Almeida:

How to Narrow Down a Research Question

Library Resource Guide

How to evaluate sources

Tutorial and Research Support

MLA resource — How to cite your source:

Use MLA format for your citations. Use the cool “citation machine”!  Go to either one of these two links below and input your source information.


OWL Purdue University Online Writing citation machine!


MLA Works Cited example for interview:

Johnson, Abbie [immigration layer]. Personal Interview. Brooklyn, NY. 22 Nov 2013.

RAB Source Entry Slideshow

RAB Source Analysis Slideshow from Prof. Blain

Templates for Summary


How-to-write-a-SUMMARY  Prof. Chajet (use this one)

Summary-Two Methods_Sample

SUMM for article worksheet

Summary Writing 2 Methods Revised

Template for Rhetorical Analysis

RhetoricalGenreAnalysisWorksheet Prof Blain

Example RAB Proposal

LWU Proposal RAB

Example RAB source entries

Complete Source Entry StudtEx RAB Source Entry SchKilCur

Here is my example:  LWu-RAB-ex-rvd-for-Source-Entry-Ch-It-Jiang-Video

Here  is my example: LWu-RAB-RevisedExample-for-SourceEntry-AYang-Op-Ed (2)

Here is my example: LWu RAB Source Entry NYT SpitYell-hi-lited

Here is my example of interview RAB source entry: RAB Source Entry Interview with Aunt Cathy

Here is example of Student Sangay Source Entry 3 video: Sangay Dolma Source Entry 3 news video

Example RAB Project Complete

Example RAB Fan Zhou

Example RAB Amadou Diallo

Example RAB Richard Bordes:  Richard G. Bordes – RAB FD 1

Example RAB Sangay Dolma: Sangay Dolma RAB FD 1

RAB Unit 2 — Chouaib example

RAB Unit 2 — KFalvey example

RAB Unit 2– complete RAB with 4 sources by JJay DLambert

RAB OCHaget Student Example Racism China

Classroom Activity on practice article “Schools Kill Curiosity”

Student Examples Practice Summ SchKilling

StudEx Reflection SchKillin

Complete Source Entry StudtEx RAB Source Entry SchKilCur

Rhetoric and Genre

Understanding Rhetoric and Genre from Pressbooks

Understanding Ethos, Pathos, Logos

The Rhetoric of Starbucks video Prof. Dohner

Moving on to Unit 3:

Throughout the semester, we’ve seen people talking about education in a variety of different genres (essays, comics, slam poetry, speeches, articles, etc). In each of these instances, the author is trying to reach a different audience and they pick the genre that will best speak to that audience. You’ll be writing about the topic you researched in Unit 2– so now it’s time to think about what genre you think will best reach your audience!

Helpful resources:

The NYT has an entire list of “Mentor Texts” that help you write articles like a sports article and a personal health column. It’s quite useful.  It can be found here:


Here are tips on how to write a Letter To The Editor from the Letters Editor of the NYT:

The Letters Editor and The Reader:  Our Compact (NYT)


The New York Times on Letters from How the Young Deal With The Corona Virus


The New York Times on writing a Letter to the Editor:

What Would You Write in a Letter To The Editor?


The New York Times on writing an editorial:

How to write an editorial from the NYT (video)


The New York Times on creating a podcast:

Letter to the Editor and Op-ed Writing

What Would You Write in a Letter To The Editor?

How to write an editorial from the NYT (video)


Examples of Op-Ed

AYang on We are not the virus

The CV infected my HS (NYT Op-Doc by KOung)

Eddie Glaude We cannot stop Racism until…

Lisa Damour on Girls and Boys

ShTurkel Stop Googling Let’s Talk

Call It What It Is:  Anti-Blackness

Also TedTalk and Google Corp Talk by Carol Dweck on Mindset and Learning

Also TedTalk NGozi Chimamanda on We Should All Be Feminists