Weekly Schedule

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Weekly Schedule, ENG 1101  

Sections: D448                            

New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Professor Lisa Wu     lwu@citytech.cuny.edu

Spring 2023

We meet for 4 hours per week in the classroom, so you should devote at least that same amount of time outside of class to work on our assignments. That gives you an idea of the time commitment for English 1101 Freshman Composition; every week, you will need to dedicate focused, quiet time to reading, annotating texts, posting homework on the Open Lab Forums, and drafting formal assignments.

We will meet together at the beginning of the period at 12:00PM — please come 5 minutes early if you can at 11:55.This way we can check in before class and ensure that we start on time!  We will end at 1:40. During our class time, we will discuss the class readings and assignments and practice writing in workshop mode.

In this class, we use the Open Lab. You will post HWs on our Open Lab class website, here you will be reading and responding to texts and each other’s HW posts. You will submit your three major unit assignments in two places on Google Drive and on the Blackboard site.

Note:  This is a difficult course requiring your commitment from day one.  Keeping up should be your mantra.  Students who have fallen behind have had extreme difficulty catching up and many were not able to finish the course.  It’s like falling into quicksand and not being able to pull yourself out.  Please do not let this happen!

Weekly schedule: class meeting Monday and Wednesday 12:00 PM to 1:40 PM in Namm 523A.


Schedule (This is tentative.  We will likely adjust as we go along.)




W 1/25



























M  1/30













W  2/1















Orientation and Introduction:  Our Open Lab Site

·      Introductions to Professor and Course; Complete technology survey

·      Open Lab registration and join as a member to our Open Lab course site

·      Review “Syllabus and Course Policies and Information,” focus on participation, attendance, and Ground Rules

For HW please review on your own all of the above.


Students to create their own private chat AND find a class buddy to exchange contact info.


Introductions in small groups – in-class start on HW Post #1 Introduction

Register for your free CUNY New York Times account

Get your City Tech email up and running.

“(Un) LEARNING My Name” by Mohamed Hassan on YouTube  https://www.mohamed-hamad.com/mohamed-hassan-unlearning-my-name-spoken-word/

Teacher Vuong on student names


DUE Friday 1/27 midnight: Complete Open Lab HW Post #1 (Introductions with picture)

Two full paragraphs introducing yourself; include a visual please; THEN ALSO one paragraph responding to TWO classmates’ introduction posts

PREPARE FOR NEXT WEEK – TWO READINGS (one short, one long)

1.     CHellman “In Defense”

2.     Mike Bunn RLW


For Monday’s class:  Read short reading Caroline Hellman, “In Defense of the Classroom” (2020)

Read and Print Out and Annotate.

Prepare in your real physical notebook:  What are some of the main ideas (MI) in Prof. Hellman’s article? How do we build community as an online class?

In your real physical notebook.  Start Vocab List — Look up unfamiliar words!

Op-Ed as a genre.  What is genre?

Demonstrate RLW Read Like A Writer



ALSO For Monday and Wednesday’s class:  Read longer reading “How To Read Like A Writer” by Mike Bunn

Read and Print Out and Annotate the sections that are assigned




DUE Sunday 2/5 by midnight Complete Open Lab HW Post #2 (F. Douglass Pre-Reading Study Questions) Respond to two other students’ posts, one paragraph each.



We have done a lot so in these first three days — so — please get caught up with Open Lab HWs over the weekend for a strong start to the semester!



M 2/6









W 2/8


Watch this invaluable slideshow on Tips for College Success.  Scroll down for other useful links on this page too.

Introduce Unit One Major Assignment, Educational Narrative



1.     FDouglass Learning to Read

2.     MX Autobiography

3.     NYT interview with LFishbourne

For Monday’s class printout, read, and be ready to discuss Frederick Douglass’s “Learning to Read” as an example of resilience. Find in our Open Lab site under Readings

·      Annotate in physical notebook.

·      GROUP ONE:  Prepare Vocab Work:  Look up unfamiliar words.


Due Tuesday 9/9 by 6pm:  Complete Open Lab HW#3 (“Resilience”) Two full paragraphs.  Respond to two other students’ posts, one paragraph each.



For Wednesday, printout, read and be ready to discuss TWO readings:


·      Malcolm X, Laurence Fishbourne and the Theater of Your Mind (NYT interview)


·      AND Malcolm X’s Chapter 11 of Autobiography of Malcolm X.  Chapter 11 is presented in two parts here:


·      Ch11 Saved beginning paragraphs

·      “Prison Studies: or Saved” (

·      Find both in Open Lab course site under Readings.

·      Annotate.

·      Group TWO: Prepare Vocab work

·      Reading strategies: annotating (continued); summarizing and responding; identifying structural elements of writing and different genres



Due Saturday 2/11 by midnight:  HW #4 MX Reading Response Qs.


You have a three-day weekend here; use this time wisely to reset if needed.




(M 2/13 noclass)


W 2/15




·      CPowell My American Journey

For Wednesday, printout, read, and be ready to discuss Colin Powell:  “My American Journey” Find in Open Lab course site under Readings (page 90-97)


·      Group THREE: Prepare Vocab work

IN-CLASS activity brainstorm in break out room / Prepare for Writing Response.

DUE Saturday 2/18 by midnight:  Complete Open Lab HW #5 Saved. Respond to two other students’ posts, one paragraph each.


The HWs, #5, #6, #7 are very important and will jumpstart you on Unit One Assignment, our first Major Unit Assignment.




(M 2/20





















·      ATan Mother Tongue

·      ESantiago When I Was PR

·      CNAdichie The Danger of a Single Story (TEDtalk)

·      The Danger of a Single Story (transcript) by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

For Tuesday, 2/21TWO readings:


We will first study Mother Tongue.  So printout, read, and be ready to discuss Amy Tan, “Mother Tongue” Find in Open Lab course site under Readings


In your notebook:

·      Consider (1) the term “mother tongue” (2) the different Englishes Amy Tan speaks (3) how her mother is viewed by Americans based on her spoken English.

We will listen to audiobook narrator Nancy Wu



ALSO for Tuesday, a shorter reading:  printout, read, and be ready to discuss Esmeralda Santiago, “When I Was Puerto Rican”

Find in Open Lab course site under Readings (page 101-104)


·      In your notebook:  Block off every time Santiago uses dialogue.    Choose one major dialogue and read out loud with a partner.  Take notes on why you think it works well (or not).  What do you learn about Esmeralda from reading the dialogue?


For Wednesday, 2/22 Wed printout TRANSCRIPT, listen and read along, and be ready to discussChimamanda Ngozi Adichie The Danger of a Single Story (TEDtalk)



DUE Saturday 2/18 midnight: Complete Open Lab HW #7 Between Two Worlds. Respond to two other students’ posts, one paragraph each.




M 2/27




W 3/1











Read Anne Lamott:  Shitty First Drafts


Writing Workshop: Develop your HW 5 or 6 into a Rough Draft


DUE Tuesday 2/28 by midnight Unit One Rough Draft Due before class (in Google drive Rough Draft folder in Unit One)


Wednesday Peer Review:  Each student to do TWO peer reviews in the Group

·      Bring TWO hard copy / printouts of your Rough Draft


ALSO Writing Workshop Demonstration using Student Pprs and Review

·      Peer Review Sheet

·      Writing Strategies

·      The Assignment

·      Review Proofreading vs REVISION


Discuss sample rough drafts, development strategies, focusing on developing scenes and using dialogue, including “home” languages, how to make a connection to the readings, how to incorporate reference in your writing.

ALSO Timeline (workshop example student papers)




DUE Sunday 3/4  by midnight

Unit One Project:  Final Draft due to Google Drive AND to Blackboard.




M 3/6










W 3/8




Monday, printout, read, and be ready to discuss Barack Obama, Chapter 4, Dreams from My Father. Find in Open Lab course site under Readings. We will study this writing as Obama’s Education Narrative.

RLW look at scene development, dialogue, scene building time-line.

Dramatic Reading of opening scene in cafeteria

DUE Tuesday 3/7 by midnight HW#7 Obama



Wednesday Library Research Presentation by Library Research Professor.  We will meet in computer lab NAMM room 922.  Introduce Unit Two Project by guest presentation on Library and Research


Research Question on CV

Creating a proposal paragraph






M 3/13



W 3/15




RAB Step One:  Writing The Proposal Paragraph.  Use the Template/Paragraph Starter.  Google Search NYT articles.  Refine Research Question. 


Wednesday DUE RAB PROPOSAL and 3 possible sources.  Choose one and printout/read/annotate bring to class to work on Step Two




M 3/20




W 3/22








Demonstrate Citation and Summary writing for

·      Spit on Yelled at Attacked Chinese Americans Fear for Safety news article by Tavernise and Oppel

·      Andrew Yang op-ed Washington Post:  We Are Not The Virus.



Refine RQ and Revise Proposal Paragraph — USE THE TEMPLATE!!







Midterm Grades posted on Blackboard.



M 3/27



W 3/29

Continue Demonstrate Citation and Summary writing for

·      Spit on Yelled at Attacked Chinese Americans Fear for Safety news article by Tavernise and Oppel

·      Andrew Yang op-ed Washington Post:  We Are Not The Virus.


RAB Step Two: 

·      Part 1 MLA CITATION

·      Part 2 SUMMARY


DUE HW Annotated Page of Source 1 Picture Due 10/31

DUE HW Source 1 MLA Citation (use the citation machine!) Due 11/1


DUE RAB Source Entry (MLA Citation and SUMM) Saturday 11/5.





M 4/3 only







DUE RAB Source Entry 1 (complete) November 8 Tuesday 6pm.


We should be farther along.  No more sliding deadlines.  WE must not fall behind. 


Entire RAB (intro, 3 source entries, conclusion) will be due Sunday November 20. 








M 4/17


W 4/19



DUE RAB Source Entry #2 (op-ed) Parts 1 and 2 due Wednesday 11/10

DUE RAB Source Entry #2 (complete) Due Friday 11/18.


Share multi-media sources: video, podcast, op-doc, TEDtalk, video news clip




Your RAB is done!


DUE ENTIRE RAB on November (11/20) Sunday.  WE must make this deadline in order to finish the semester.  We move on to Unit 3 on Monday 11/21.


DUE UNIT TWO RAB — Post to BB and Google Drive by 11/20 Sunday 6pm.




M 4/24


W 4/26






Introduce Unit 3 Assignment:  Genre Project


Study and explore the Unit 3 Assignment


Analyze Mentor Texts


HW or classwork Op Ed Analysis

HW or classwork Podcast Analysis

HW or classwork Ted talk Analysis


HW 1 Genre Project Proposal Due 11/22


HW 2 Mentor Text Analysis Due 11/26








M 5/1


W 5/3






HW 3 Outline DUE 11/29


Computer Lab work on Genre Project





M 5/8


W 5/10


Computer Lab work on Genre Project


Review Final Writing Portfolio DUE Dec 19






M 5/15


W 5/17



Revision Workshop — Work on Revisions for Portfolio




Review and work in class on Final Course Reflection – add to Final Writing Portfolio.


Final Writing Portfolio FIRM DEADLINE Wednesday May 17


Writing Celebration!  Presentations Wednesday May 17