Genre Project Progress Report-Wendbenedo

In my Op-Ed, titled “Western Military Interventions in Africa: A Call for Respect, Diplomacy, and African Sovereignty,” I explored the negative impact of Western military interventions in Africa. The introduction captures attention with a rhetorical question and a personal anecdote, leading to my thesis statement that highlights how these interventions have perpetuated conflict and instability instead of solving them. Throughout the article, I discussed the historical context of colonialism and exploitation and provided specific examples of escalating conflicts, human rights violations, and the recent expulsion of French troops from Burkina Faso. I argued for the need to prioritize diplomatic approaches to conflict resolution and emphasize the responsibility of Western powers in repairing the damage caused by their past actions. I also point out the importance of African sovereignty and suggest ways in which Western powers can support African nations. The conclusion restates the thesis and calls for Western powers to recognize the harm caused by neocolonial interventions and take steps to support African sovereignty and stability. I provided my arguments with credible sources obtained from various references.

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  1. Wendbenedo: This doesn’t look like a progress report. It looks more like an overview or a text analysis. It looks like you forgot to use the guiding questions?

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