Genre Project Progress Report — Balthazar

For my genre project I have completed the main transcript and video section. I am working on revising it, so it flows more seamlessly since it is for a video. I still must finish my creator’s statement. As well as constructing the finished video, with music, voice over, and any other finishing touches. The obstacles I am encountering are not knowing what I should put in my video and what I should leave out, I want ample information, but I don’t want it to be too long. I also want the audience to not be confused. To meet the deadline, I plan on finishing up the video by Tuesday night and having my creators statement done. This will allow me on Wednesday to do any refinements I deem necessary. I am enjoying the project so far and am glad that we are allowed freedom in choosing our genre. It makes it more enjoyable to work on a genre that you are familiar with. I think realistically I would just look to publish the video on YouTube rather than go through any other publisher. 

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