Mentor Text Analysis of open letter Esha

In the article “Its O.K. Not To Be O.K” the title is the most important part because everyone can relate to it and its going to make people read. In the introduction she starts with life is a journey which puts it all together that she is going to talk about her life and the lessons she learned. In the intro the most important thing that caught my attention was the two key lessons she wrote that helped her move on made me want to read on because it relates to everyone. She incorporates storytelling, she told her own story when she didnt attend a press conference and people had a lot to say. There are her pictures in the article with subheads. The text is structured very well for it to be an open letter. She starts with identifying herself, and then she tells us the audience which are the people reading this that are going through the same problems as her, and she provides a solution and visuals too. Her message was to help those people that are suffering from mental health and to provide a solution. She ends the text by saying It’s O.K. To Not Be O.K. and its ok to talk about it which is the title and that the title has the whole meaning to her story.

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