Outline – Op-Ed – Nick Dufont


  • A. HOOK: Open with a Question
  • Historic examples of peoples opinion on minimum wage

II. Personal Narrative And Storytelling:

  • How minimum wage has a affected me
  • Important family and friends who were also affected
  1. Cousin ‘s story 
  2. Highschool teachers story 
  3. Brothers story

III. Research and statistics (From Research Project):

  • How many hour people have to work with a minimum wage to make a living 
  • What a living wage is supposed to look like 
  • How to calculate a living wage

IV. Conclusion:

  • My message: Everyone deserves to be able to afford the basic necessities to live and a company should be able to pay their workers that amount.
  • My idea for a solution 

1 thought on “Outline – Op-Ed – Nick Dufont”

  1. Your outline needs to have more specifics shown here.

    For example, you should have the solution with specifics and show me here in the outline. You cannot just say “My idea for a solution.”

    Remember at least two points learned from your RAB work should be incorporated into your Op-Ed.

    A BIG PROBLEM is that you have never done any of the Mentor Text analyses. There was Hw 2 and HW 4. So if you have not studied an exemplary op-ed, how will you know how to write one?


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