Outline (Solo Podcast) — Anthony Clement

  • Introduce myself and the podcast
  • Start off with a joke
  • Ease in with information on my topic
  • Relate to audience(try tying in something a normal person would know)
  • Bring in current events
  • Ask questions to get audience thinking(these should come from RAB)
  • Provide my own opinion on the topic
  • Since Ill be alone scenarios for the audience may be vital
  • Close off with a question or with something to keep the audience thinking

1 thought on “Outline (Solo Podcast) — Anthony Clement”

  1. You really have given very little specific information.

    Where is your working title?

    what type of Podcast will you do: 

    • Informational
    • Personal
    • Expert Interview
    • Roundtable Panel Discussion

    Please go to the assignment an d look at the HOW TO’s that I put in the option to create a podcast.

    What audio? What programs will you use to create audio? remember Podcast has some audio elements.

    BIG PROBLEM and probably why you don’t gave a good outline. YOU DID NOT DO HW 4 Mentor Text Analysis of your chosen genre…so go back and do this important HW. Or else how will you know how to make a podcast?

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