Mentor Text Analysis of Podcast – Diego Lopez

  1. “How this terrible procrastinator led Seattle’s March for Our Lives”
  2. “Sexism at Lillian Osborne”
  3. “My Incarcerated Family”
  4. “Period Poverty”
  5. “What Makes a Tune Memorable”
  6. “Shots Fired”

I chose the podcast “Period Poverty” by Girls in Motion as my mentor text analysis. The title is effective because it’s a combination about the topics, menstruation and not having enough to cover for sanitary products. The introduction talks about personal experience with volunteering for people in need. It is a progression into how the narrator landed with the topic. The narrator learned how to view hygiene products differently. Then the narrator moves on to provided statistical data worldwide. The narrator brings in an expert, a nurse practitioner from the area that the narrator lives in. The expert gives insight on women who are not able afford sanitary products. This involves home-made and dangerous alternatives, which keeps me engage because it’s an alarming method. The narrator calls on another expert to expand on the topic. The narrator moves on to societal taboos and shame on menstruation. There is more factual pieces that are used to show how expensive menstruation products can become in each state. There is a comparison to products that are also considered a necessity. The narrator returns to the nurse on how the health industry does little to combat the issue. The narrator then moves on to some solution present. The progression of minimizing the cost of sanitary products for women. The narrator calls to Oscar-winning documentary about menstruation product started by women. The narrator uses activism to raise awareness on the issue. That is her call to action. The narrator ends with a statement and there is ending music of trumpets. The primary audience is women and people who want to support more accessible menstruation products. The message is to support a decrease in cost of menstruation products. The rhetorical appeals used are ethos and logos, the narrator used credible experts that are involve and experience people who struggle obtaining sanitary products and the narrator includes statistical and factual points. The podcast is only 4 minutes long. I would like to emulate the simplicity and straightforward style. The podcast is informative with the selected voices and the narrator was able to expand awareness on the issue. I would like to avoid the quietness, although it was clear to hear, music can create mood and tone for the listener to feel emotions.

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