Research Source leads

Examples of Source 3 non-print genre …

for my RQ:  How has the CV pandemic exacerbated xenophobia focusing especially on Anti-Asian hostility?

Proposed Topics/RQs and Possible Source leads

Angel:  Why is fast food so addictive?  How does food affect your state of mind?

Belinda:  How does social media affect mental health of girls?

Daniela:  Why are feminine beauty standards unrealistic?

Zoila:  How does drinking coffee at a young age affect long term health?

Diego:  Why is NYC public transportation poorly maintained?

Sindy:  How is Globan Warming affecting sea turtles?

Lisa:  How has the Co-vid pandemic effected teen mental health?

Jeremiah:  How does lack of sleep affect college students academic performance?

Dhan:  How does college debt affect your future?

Dssire:  How do cross cultural differences affect American life?

Brianna: How does social media affect young girls?

Dylan:  How has media affected NYC gang violence?  How has rap music affected NYC gang violence?  Is there a correlation between rap or hip-hop and violence? 

Savion:  How does AI changing education  and what are the important issues society will have to decide to curb….

Taniesha:  What type of discrimination do people with learning disabilities face?  What solutions are there?

Joshua:  How do emotions affect sports performance?

Kayla, Nyazia:  How do abortion laws affect women’s rights?  Should abortion be considered a human right?  How do young women and girls feel about the abortion laws?

Lisa:  Does Chinese parenting work?  Are the kids happy and are they successful?  Is there a difference in Chinese parents’ eyes?

Other topics that might make good projects:

Fast Fashion — What is it?  What is the impact on the environment? How can we move to a more sustainable fashion?

AI — How is AI changing _____ (education? industry? media?)

Happiness:  How can you find happiness?  What is the secret to happiness? What is the best mindset to achieve happiness?Does success, money lead to happiness?  What are ways to find happiness?  Can happiness be measured?  What are the health benefits of happiness?  Can people reach true happiness?


Food and Culture and the link between them


Topic: Rap and Violence–rap-music–and-social-media-causing-violence-in-brownsville–police-say

Topic: Social Media and Young People

Topic: Asian American issues

THe Myth of Asian American Identity.

Topic: Sleep

Topic:  Social Media and Girls

Topic:  Tech

Steve Jobs biopics 

Steve Jobs film trailer


Topic:  Abortion

Pro-LIfe Generation

For women, Roe was about more than abortion

TOPIC:  Gang violence and Music

OP Ed Rap song sentenced teen to prison

Topic: Food

Food and Mental Health:  Food and mood (fast food junk food)

This is your brain on junk food

Topic:  Sexism

Op-ed Lisa Damour on Girls and Boys

Also TedTalk NGozi Adichie Chimamanda: We Should All Be Feminists

Podcast Sexism at Lillian Osborne HS

Topic: Coffee

Is coffee good for you?

Coffee and Mortality

Health benefits of

Topic:  Racism

A Conversation About Growing Up Black | Op-Docs | The New York Times – Bing video

Opinion | Should I Give Up on White People? – The New York Times (

Dear White America – The New York Times (

How Students Cope with Racist Stereotypes pbs

Greenidge, Kaitlyn. “Why Black People Discriminate Among Ourselves: The Toxic Legacy of Colorism.” The Guardian, 9 Apr. 2019, Why black people discriminate among ourselves: the toxic legacy of colorism | Life and style | The Guardian

Topic: Imposter Syndrome

Why Everyone Feels Like They’re Faking It

Topic: Sports, Athletics

Type D Athletes: Relax and Ask for Help

Tennis star Naoma Osaka, Conversation on Mental Health

Channel Rage into Workout

The Kaepernick Effect:  How Taking a Knee Began A Movement (Amanpour video clip interview with author David Zirin)

New Book Dives into Problematic Treatment of Black Players Staff in Prof Sports (PBS Newshour video clip interview with author John Feinstein)

Muhammad Ali and Vietnam (Atlantic)

The Selfishness of Djokovic (Atlantic)

How will the Corona Virus Change Sports? WaPo

Sports Changes That Could Outlast the Pandemic Washington Post


Various Op-Eds to brainstorm for Topics

AYang on We are not the virus

The CV infected my HS (NYT Op-Doc by KOung)

Eddie Glaude We cannot stop Racism until…

Lisa Damour on Girls and Boys

ShTurkel Stop Googling Let’s Talk

Call It What It Is:  Anti-Blackness

Also TedTalk and Google Corp Talk by Carol Dweck on Mindset and Learning

Also TedTalk NGozi Chimamanda Adichie: We Should All Be Feminists



Topic:  Anti Asian sentiment on the rise during CoVId

The Forgotten HIstory of the Purging of Chinese From America (NYer Magazine feature article)

I’m Done Being Your Model Minority (NYT Op-Ed)

`Asian American Community Battles Surge in Hate Crimes Stirred From Covid  (PBS Newshour)

As CV Spreads, So Does Anti-Asian Sentiment (NYT)

Artists Fight Coronavirus-Related Racism on Instagram (KQED SFran public radio story)

Corona Virus Infected My High School NYT op-doc by Ch Am high school student

I am not virus. I human being. Eradicate the Prejudice.  Italian Chinese Mx Jiang’s video 

Italian Chinese Mx Jiang’s video

Spit on, Yelled at, Asian Am Fear Safety (NYT)

He was a Rising Jazz Artist.  NYC dreams Shattered. Japanese Jazz pianist attacked 10/22/20

Photoville:  Asian Americans on Race and the Pandemic  Outdoor Photography Exhibit BBPark

Time Magazine:  “I will not Stand Silent. 10 Asian Americans Reflect on Racism During the Pandemic and the Need for Equality”

AYang op ed Wash Post apr 1 Asian Am we are part of the cure

I am not the virus t-shirt

When Xenophobia Spreads like a Virus NPR radio podcast

Asian American Author Talks about Racism

When Asian Americans Have to Prove We Belong Sunday NYT

How Asian American Leaders are Grappling with Xenophobia Amid CV

How the Pandemic is Fueling Anti Chinese racist (podcast Toronto Star)

How CV is Exposing American’s Anti-Asian Racism (video Huff Post)

Misogyny Against Asian American Women Atlanta GA (Huff Post on March 17 serial killings)

Asian American Seniors Hate Crime Target (Huff Post)

Amanda Nguyen instagram video on We Dying To Be Heard

Moustafa Bayoumi NPR interview How Does It Feel to be a Problem: Being Young and Arab in America

SUBTOPIC:  Anti-Asian Violence against Asian Women

Asian American Women Fear Racist Violence  (NYT)

Shooting in Atlanta Spa (NYT)

Man Charged With Hate Crimes:  7 Asian Women Attacked (NYT)

She’s Combating a Wave of Anti-Asian Hate (NYT interview with activist Cynthia Choi)

HOw Racism and Sexism Intertwine to Torment Asian-American Women (NYT Op-Ed)

Man Hit Woman 125 Times Bc She Was Asian (NYT)