Outline Genre Project Podcast – Belinda

Intro / Hook 

*instrumental music playing*

Hi, I’m Belinda, welcome to the podcast where I’m going to be interviewing one of my friends that went through a similar experience as the other girls on social media. Her name is ______.  As we all know social media is basically part of our daily lives where we go on there, scroll through Instagram or Tiktok watching videos, liking pictures, staying in touch with others and posting ourselves. It makes it so much easier for friends and families to stay in contact or even make new friends/new connections. It’s just a fun and interactive place for people to spend their time. And of course, there’s some downside to it. There’s weirdos online, girl’s self-esteem drop due to comparing themselves to others or even receiving hate comments/people commenting rude things. Let’s see what my friend has to say. 

Middle part 

  • 1. My own personal experience w/ social media: how it impacted me. 
  • 2. Introducing my friend from 6th grade. (would like to remain anonymous but there will be a name to replace her name) 
  • 3. What kind of images do you see being posted on social media? How does it make you feel? What are your reactions to these images?
  • 4. Does social media cause you to compare yourself to others? 
  • 5. Have you noticed any changes in your self-esteem after using social media? Has social media changed the way you perceive yourself and your identity? Do you think it would make a difference if you weren’t involved in social media so much?
  • 6. How safe do you feel on social media? Do you feel like you can post freely on social media?


Overall, the takeaway from this podcast would be don’t let social media get into your head because not everything you see on social media are true. There is always a positive and negative side of all things and social media is one of them.  *instrumental music playing*

1 thought on “Outline Genre Project Podcast – Belinda”

    1. Do not forget that you must incorporate the research you learned in your RAB with at least TWO solid points in your podcast. I should see evidence of some solid research in your podcast. Somewhere in your podcast – you must give some background. This could be like a little report of what you have learned FROM YOUR RESEARCH or you can work your research in more creatively. I suggest giving this as part of your intro or your ending or even in the way you handle your interview conversation. If give this research in your intro, you can build on this in your middle section. If you give this research in your ending, then you build upon things that were said in your Middle section and lead to a concluding note. You can also demonstrate your research knowledge in the middle section in your conversation part. Engage in conversation with your interviewee that shows you have done RAB research.
    2. This podcast must show clear evidence that it comes out of Unit Two — so — if you could have made this podcast without doing the research project — then you need to rethink your podcast!
    3. If you are doing an interview type of podcast, then your questions should come out of your research. If doing more of a conversation, engage in convo that demonstrates your newly gained knowledge.

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