Outline Genre Project Podcast – Nyazia B

This is a conversational / interview podcast

Introduction –

In the beginning of my podcast , I am going to come in with background sounds of women protesting for abortion rights and will also include some news clips. After that i will introduce myself, my interviewee , Francine and my topic ( how black women are truly disproportionately impacted by the overturn?). Once I have done this i will let my interviewee tell her story. After this i begin to go into the middle part of my podcast

The middle part –

  1. Start with my interviewee telling her story on the time she received an abortion and what it was like for her.
  2. What would happen if you weren’t able to receive it?
  3. What do you think about the injustices in poverty and systemic racism when it comes to our reproductive healthcare?  
  4. Do you think this is denying my generation and the next generation a better future with reproductive healthcare?
  5. In what way do racial disparities play a part in black women’s reproductive health?
  6. After asking questions i will talk about my point of view on this topic after hearing and reading stories about this

Outro –

As we wrap up , one thing is clear that abortion truly impacts the lives of minorities more than others. It is a violation of women’s rights especially black women when they’ve had to deal with systemic racism regarding healthcare all their lives. It’s significant to voice your experiences and fight against the overturn to see change.

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