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“Hey there! Welcome to our podcast, ‘Sleepy Students Unite.’ We’re a bunch of college students who’ve decided to break the stereotype of late-night study sessions and inform them of how important it is to get some quality sleep. Join us as we share our tips, struggles, and how to not sleep late as a college student. I picked Stephen to be on this podcast today because he has been a college student for 3 years now and he before had an issue sleeping early to have enough sleep for school.

1)How do you manage to stay alert and focused during early morning meetings or classes, given your preference for staying up late?

2)Have you ever tried transitioning to an early sleep schedule, and if so, what challenges did you face?

3)Are there any specific strategies or routines you follow to ensure you get enough rest despite your tendency to stay up late?

4)Do you find that your productivity is affected by your sleep patterns, and if yes, in what ways?

  • 5)Have you discovered any unconventional tips or tricks for staying awake and productive during early morning activities?
  • 6)How do you strike a balance between your nighttime preferences and the demands of a typical college schedule that often starts early in the morning?
  • 7)Do you think there are advantages to being a night owl in a college setting, and if so, what are they?
  • 8)Have you ever faced any misconceptions or challenges related to your late-night habits, especially in a college environment?
  • 9)Are there specific aspects of college life or academics that you think could be better accommodated for those who prefer staying up late?
  • 10)If you could give one piece of advice to college students who struggle with early bedtimes, what would it be based on your own experiences?

III) Host: And that’s a wrap for another episode of “Night Owls Unite”! We hope you enjoyed delving into the world of college students burning the midnight oil with us.

Host: Remember, if you’re listening to us in the wee hours of the morning while you’re burning that midnight oil, we salute you! Your dedication to your studies is commendable. And thank you for being on our show today. Thanks for coming here today Stephen

Stephen: Thanks for having me here today Jerry

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1 thought on “Outline Genre Project Podcast – Jeremiah Owusu”

  1. I like your title! (sleepy students or night owls — make sure they are the same wording in your intro and outro)

    I don’t see that you have made reference to your RAB newly gained knowledge. Pls pay attention to our discussion in class on Monday and read my announcements on this point. Pls make sure your questions are Effective Questions (see handout I provided in class)

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