Outline Genre Project Podcast – Daniela V.

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Introduction :

Hello my name is Daniela Vasquez and I am a current nursing major at city tech. Today I have the pleasure of introducing Dr. Samantha Yip , a former nursing student and current doctor. Today we will be discussing the effects of sleep deprivation and provide more insight on why it is important to get good quality sleep.

Questions :

What is sleep really for? ( background info )

Could sleep deprivation cause permanent damage over a long period of time?

Would you say your sleeping routine has improved since your student days?

As a medical professional, have you seen the effects of sleep deprivation first hand?

What are some tips you could give to someone who is struggling with getting enough sleep?

Thoughts on pharmacutic solutions, such as melatonin?

Outro :

After a long day, a good night’s sleep should be a priority. You will never regret putting your distractions away, getting quality rest and waking up ready for the day.

Thank you for your time and attention on this episode. Hopefully we see you on the next.

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  1. Daniela: I dont’ see reference to the newly gained knowledge from your RAB. Pls pay attention to our discussion in class on Monday and read my announcment on this point. Pls make sure your questions are Effective Questions as explained in the handout

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