Outline Genre Project Podcast — Joshua A.


Welcome this is Joshua Adepegba your host speaking and today we will be interview D3 athlete Kendra …. She will be informing us about her opinion of anger and rage. How she uses to her advantage? 


  1.  How do you perceive the role of emotions, particularly anger, in the world of sports and athletic competition?
  2. Can you share an experience where you witnessed or personally encountered an athlete dealing with intense anger or rage during a game or competition? How was it managed?

She going to explain a time where she used anger to her advantage and how it downplayed in a game.


Thank you for listening, this is Joshua Adepegba speaking hope you enjoyed his interview with my guest Kendra. Anger and Rage are two emotions many athletes deal with every day but how they deal with it show character.

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2 thoughts on “Outline Genre Project Podcast — Joshua A.”

    1. Do not forget that you must incorporate the research you learned in your RAB with at least TWO solid points in your podcast. I should see evidence of some solid research in your podcast. Somewhere in your podcast – you must give some background. This could be like a little report of what you have learned FROM YOUR RESEARCH or you can work your research in more creatively. I suggest giving this as part of your intro or your ending or even in the way you handle your interview conversation. If give this research in your intro, you can build on this in your middle section. If you give this research in your ending, then you build upon things that were said in your Middle section and lead to a concluding note. You can also demonstrate your research knowledge in the middle section in your conversation part. Engage in conversation with your interviewee that shows you have done RAB research.
    2. This podcast must show clear evidence that it comes out of Unit Two — so — if you could have made this podcast without doing the research project — then you need to rethink your podcast!
    3. If you are doing an interview type of podcast, then your questions should come out of your research. If doing more of a conversation, engage in convo that demonstrates your newly gained knowledge.

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