Mentor Text Analysis of Podcast- Randy Carrasco

  1. “How the Worst Procrastinator I know led Seattle’s March for Our Lives”
  2. “Sexism at Lillian Osborne”
  3. “The Truth About Your Seatbelt”
  4. “What Makes a Tune Memorable?”

The podcast I chose as my mentor text analysis is “The Truth About Your Seatbelt” by Molly Clearly. The title of this podcast is effective because just by reading the title you know what the main idea of the podcast will be. The author engages the audience because the first thing she does is ask the main question “Do most high school students wear a seatbelt” and she added audio clips of multiple high school students responding to the question. You know what the podcast is going to be about as soon as it starts because the topic is the first thing Molly Clearly mentions. I know the speaker is Molly, even though she did not introduce herself, I know it is her because she is the only voice in the podcast and the other voices are just clips from people that you only hear once through out the podcast. The podcast builds the idea introduced in the beginning because Molly Clearly uses many statistics and facts about the topic. She then shares her personal story about her brother getting into a car accident and her brother’s friend almost dying in that accident because he did not wear a seatbelt. The podcast keeps my interest because when she is sharing the facts, she adds sad music in the background to give the podcast a serious tone. The speaker did get to know the subject because she had many great facts about the subject. The podcast ends with a call to action which is to wear seatbelts. The background music at the end has a happy and relaxing tone to it. The message of this podcast is to make people realize the affects of not using a seatbelt. The primary audience is high school students and very young adults. This podcast is 5 minutes long. Some aspects that I will emulate will be the use of music and the type of music that will go with the tone. If my tone is sad I will put sad music and if my tone is happy I will put happy music in the back ground. I will also try to get audio clips and put them in the beginning just like Molly Clearly.

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