Mentor Text Analysis of Podcast- Randy Carrasco

  1. “How the Worst Procrastinator I know led Seattle’s March for Our Lives”
  2. “Sexism at Lillian Osborne”
  3. “The Truth About Your Seatbelt”
  4. “What Makes a Tune Memorable?”

The podcast I chose as my mentor text analysis is “The Truth About Your …

RAB Source Entry 2- Randy Carrasco

Part 1 – MLA Citation

PARKER KATHLEEN. (2021, October 13). Time to rethink how we use animals to test pharmaceuticals. Post and Courier. 

Part 2 – Summary

In The Post and Courier opinion piece “Time to rethink how

Summary Practice-Randy Carrasco

Part 1 MLA Citation

Berliner, Wendy. “‘Schools Are Killing Curiosity’: Why We Need to Stop Telling Children to Shut up and Learn.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 28 Jan. 2020,

Part 2 Summary

In the article “‘Schools …