Monthly Archives: February 2017

Preparing for Wednesday, March 1

Site report #2 is due, posted to the OpenLab, on Friday, March 3 by 5pm. Make a copy of the site report template, complete the document with your own text and images, save as a reduced size PDF, and upload to the OpenLab course site, as you did with site report #1.

This site report includes a map. You can edit the map by opening it as a drawing in google, then use the line and shape tools and word art or text boxes to edit and annotate the map (help here). Use Snagit or your favorite image editing software if you prefer. It is fine to print out the map, draw and annotate it, and then scan and paste it into your report.

On Wednesday, we’ll discuss how to use the internet for place-based research, including real estate and buildings research. Please review the guide to primary, secondary, tertiary sources and also take a look at the place-based research guide.

Themes, Topics, Groups & site visit on Wednesday, February 22

If you did not post Site Report #1 to our OpenLab site, you have a short extension because of the snow day and various technical issues. Please post by 6 pm on Thursday, February 16 for full credit.

Questions & hypotheses emerged from our discussion

Today we investigated questions and hypotheses from your site reports and discussed themes and topics that emerged from your first site visit. Topics and groups are below:



  1. Navy Yard & Vinegar Hill – relationship
    1. Armend, Mohammad, Jarryd, Mark
  2. Preservation vs. Development (including land use and zoning)
    1. Stacey, Aya, Pedro, Caitlin, Javier
  3. Art & gentrification
    1. Deandra, Jovani, Aissa
  4. DUMBO & Vinegar Hill
    1. waterfront
    2. Cesar, Jeferson, Inkary, Jim
  5. Farragut Houses & DUMBO/VH
    1. walls & barriers
    2. Lana, Moe, Stephan, Colin

On Wednesday, February 22, we return to Vinegar Hill/DUMBO for our second site visit. We meet at 1pm SHARP at the corner of Jay Street and John Street. Please come prepared with sketchbooks & pencils/pens and a charged phone or camera. If you don’t see our group on the sidewalk, check the Brooklyn Roasting Company at 25 Jay Street.