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Colin Grant | Blog Post #1(Farragut Houses)

Farragut Houses, Brooklyn

Title: Farragut Houses, Brooklyn (near Navy Yard). Exterior II

Contributor Names: Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc., photographerVollmer, Carl A., clientFellheimer & Wagner, client

Created / Published: Sept. 5, 1952

Blog Post #1

For Blog Post #1, we were given the opportunity to focus more on our assigned task by finding a digital archive item pertaining to our topic. What I have chosen is this photo that was taking in 1952 of how the houses looked back then. I did not use a recommended site to find this image, but this photo explains a lot about the beauty and the overall cleanliness the housing complex had back then. The shrubbery and trees surrounding the area gave it an appealing feel and their were actually clean lawns at the time. This find raises questions behind what NYCHA may plan to do with the future matinence in the area. I may have to visit the management office and talk to someone about the cleaning situation surrounding the complex. This is actually promising to see because I couldn’t believe that this was the same place I visited a week ago.