Navy Yard Wikipedia Edits

Wikipedia Edits

Mark Yakub

I wrote a few sentences to the Quarters A, Brooklyn Navy Yard article and add links to make the article better. Also I added citation for some of the sentence I wrote in the article. Finally I uploaded two images to wiki commons.

Mohammad Rasouly

As, I worked on the Wikipedia and wikimedia common. I worked on the quarter A Brooklyn navy yard article and uploaded five pictures to the wikimedia commons. These pictures were taken by me during the site visit. These pictures were all from the Brooklyn Navy Yard site visit. I added three line information about the commander who lived in quarter A Brooklyn navy yard and added a citation to this article. The article was about Quarter A Brooklyn Navy Yard but it did not have any information about the commander who lived their. It was a good experience. I learned how to upload media, correct sites which I will continue doing in the future.

Armend Sela

I worked on the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I Wrote about the future of the Navy Yard in relationship with Vinegar Hill residents, because there are many new projects that are being developed within the Navy Yard that will have an impact on the surrounding communities. Most importantly, in my opinion, is the opening of the Wegman’s Supermarket.

Jarryd Fitz-Henley

I contributed to the Quarters A Wikipedia article. I provided the architectural origin and geographical location of the house. The article is very scarce and I plan on contributing more information to make it worth reading. I cited my sources as well. I will add images to wiki commons soon.

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