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TIME FOR BLOGGING: The NY Historical Society visit — assignment due April 3

We had a productive and interesting visit at the library of the New-York Historical Society today. Hopefully, you discovered new information to consider for your projects. Newly found material has the potential to answer some questions or open new ideas for investigation.

TIME FOR BLOGGING: For Monday please post a blog entry and share with the class one important piece of information you found today at the library. Your blog must include:

  • An image of the information (the image can be a photograph, a map, a copy of a chart or text from a magazine article or a book, etc.)
  • A 100-word written description of the item and the information it conveys. Explain how you expect or hope that the new information would fit in or impact your research project. Be specific about the research question you are working on. Does the new data support your ideas or change them? Build your description around answers to the questions: who, what, where, why, when and how.

The blog is due Monday, April 3 by 1:00 pm

Please review the blogging guidelines or get in touch with your instructors with any questions.