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Armend Sela BLOG #2

I chose this picture for this blog because it clearly depicts a mass of people walking in a market district. This picture will help us fortify our hypothesis, which is that the opening of Wegmans Market will increase the amount of people entering the Navy yard form Vinegar Hill, thus strengthening the relationship. You can see people eating a type of fruit in the picture, and many people passing by. These markets are crucial for a positive development in a community. It creates a boom in the economical market, creating jobs and selling more items. As of today, residents in Vinegar Hill must walk 2 miles to be able to buy fresh produce, So an opening of this market will be convenient for the residents in Vinegar Hill and for people that live around the market.



I chose this photo because my group member had a similar blueprint and i thought that comparing both blueprints in different time periods would be interesting. This blueprint was issued in 1894, my group members blueprint was issued in 1906. If you compare the two blueprints, you can see that the layout has changed but not drastically. The wallabout channel is present in both blueprints but today the channel does not form a small island that used to be present in the navy yard. it would be great to see a map of the navy yard today and compare all 3 maps or blueprints.