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Information by Badke summary

Many people think they know what information is, but do we really? In the book Research Strategies by Badke he informs us what information really is. Information is something that is reliable, something that is up to date and current, … Continue reading

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Evolution of Information

In chapter 1 Badke analyze the way that information has evolve from a “traditional sources”, which is based on knowledge of a society being passed down through a oral manner to a more saturated bombardment of information which can be found … Continue reading

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Blog 1: Badke-Ch.1 & 8

Information is everywhere, even in ourselves. Information is knowledge in any form that can be obtained by processing, instruction, studied, etc. Chapter 1 in William Badke’s information book, Research Strategies, states that information is traditional and it is limited due … Continue reading

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Blog 1 Chapters 1 and 8

The key to utilizing the troves of information available to the average researcher is the ability to discern what is relevant, accurate, and objective. Since the creation of the printed book and even the more recent emergence of the digital … Continue reading

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