Documentation Purpose

The article talks about the function (purpose) of Documentation. According to the article, Documentation has six mutual exclusive purpose: acknowledgment, attribution, tracing, validation, protection against accusation of misconduct, and tangential substantive commentary. This article also explained the importance of references and footnotes in a piece of information. The main reason why those little comments made by others are so important is because it might actually help the reader to get a much more better understanding of the information in a very short amount of time. And as human, we all want quick and fast result in almost everything we are trying to find. That is why footnotes and references were created.

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One Response to Documentation Purpose

  1. Jovi says:

    The name “footnote” alone is clever, enough to be place at the bottom of a page, in a smaller font. Attribution and tracing could be very similar to each other, and fit hand-in-hand. Footnotes themselves are references. They are another way of citing a source, other than quoting words, but instead adding a superscript number to the words, matching the corresponding footnote number. Then again comes instant gratification. What ever happened to patience being a virtue?

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