Journal Entry 4

In class we learned many new strategies we are able to use everyday. The one I learned and enjoyed using the must would be the Library Database. I like this strategy because it is similar to Google Scholar but unlike Google Scholar it gives you access to information all over cuny sites. Also I found that this was very useful because now that I am able to access and learned how to access this information I can use it for any research paper or project I might have to do. Other than the library I am aware on how to use other search engines, databases and catalogs which is very important because not only can I use this for only my academic research projects but I also can use this for my Job or other research now learning a new technique and strategy.

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One Response to Journal Entry 4

  1. Julissa <3 says:

    I agree with you I also benefited from this course in terms of better researching techniques, ones in which I didn’t even know existed. Many sites visited in class are ones I’ve never heard of and the ones I did I never used or at least didn’t know how to use them so this class did come in handy with bettering research gathering techniques for me. These research techniques are sure to help me with other class assignments and personal knowledge as well me being me I tend to question what people tell me a lot so with the sources provided in class I can look up the truth in what’s told to me in more ways then one I use to just do a regular Google search, not anymore.

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