Documentation Purpose

According to this reading, Documentation, through some form of allusion or citation, serves six purposes: acknowledgement, attribution, tracing, validation, protection, and commentary. The purpose of citation is not only give credit to the person who has inspired you and whose work helped you in offering an interpretation, creation, and explanation also It makes easier for the audience to find from where this information is coming. Sometime people get new ideas from old information and to present these new ideas to the audience, it is important to mention what inspired them and it can be done by citation, by mentioning the name of the person.

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One Response to Documentation Purpose

  1. Chito2500 says:

    This is just another way of following the rules of fair use. The six purposes you stated are very good traits to look for when citing a document. Yes, it is important that the information that you want come from a very reliable source and if you’re not careful, the information can be misleading. Inspiration does play a big part when generating information and for me, I was inspired to generate ideas of my own. In some cases, people are inspired by me and they present new ideas in my honor. As long as people follow the guidelines of copyright, they can use the information they want as much as possible while at the same time, giving credit to the original authors and preserving their work.

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