Documentation and Citation

Howard speaks about link rot studies. Not all link’s used to cite your sources last forever. Many times when you return to your references, you may not find the information you used in your work. Link’s do not last forever, Howard suggests you print the article you used as a reference, this way you can always go back to it even when it’s link rots. According to Hauptman you must cite your sources no matter how small their work may have influenced yours. Failure to do so may result in plagiarism accusations. He also believes all work has been created, or built upon the works of a predecessor. This is very true in the case of scientific works. Many times scientists look over their peer’s lab results and create new experriments to gain better or similar results.

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One Response to Documentation and Citation

  1. It’s true that all links that has been used to cite your source do not last forever. Many times web link information that was used once as reference get changed or may be removed, and when we want to go back and check again we can’t access to it. I agree with Howard it’s better to print that article or save it somewhere so you can always access to it. It is also important to cite the source which has been used by you so the audience can access to it, if they need more information to understand what you trying to say.

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